SCREEBO is a screening chatbot which can engage and chat with all the candidates simultaneously to screen them. It is a specialty chatbot designed to assess candidates on various levels for a job hiring. Screening of candidates can be done across all levels and across functions, irrespective of type of organization.
It really depends on who you are? If you are hiring /staffing /recruitment/consultant firm which do the recruitment activities for a third party or client, then ‘Recruiter’ login is made for you. If you are company/organization and are seeking to hire candidates for your own firm, then ‘Company’ login is the best fit for you.
To update or edit your profile you need to first login to your account. Once you login, click on the ‘My Profile’ option which comes after you click on your name on the top right corner of the screen. Then you can select the respective field which you want to edit for editing purpose by clicking on the edit (pencil) option in front of it.
You can update your company details and email address from ‘My Profile’ option. However, for updating your email address, you need to enter an OTP which will be sent on the new email address.
Yes, SCREEBO is international! It can connect with candidates across all countries.
No, you cannot change your account from company to recruiter or vice versa. You need to create a new login altogether to do that.
Your data will be stored with us for 60 days post expiration of your subscription period. If you renew your subscription within 60 days, then all the data related to that account will be accessible. If you do not renew the subscription then after 60 days, all the data will be automatically deleted by the system.
No, there is no option to pause your subscription period. For more offers on how to select the best plan that suits you, kindly contact our sales team.
You can contact us on support@myscreebo.com . Your issue will be resolved within 48 hours. That is our customer support team’s promise!
Yes, you can create unlimited number of your own chatbot questionnaire as per your specific requirements. You can create it in ‘Manage Questionnaire’ option in “My Activities’ tab. For more details on how to create a new chatbot questionnaire, refer to detailed step by step procedure mentioned in ‘Tutorial’ section or contact our support team. We would be happy to help.
No. SCREEBO is a focused and a specialized screening chatbot. It does not provide candidate/job seekers database or profile.
SCREEBO is a specialty chatbot designed to assess candidates on various levels for a job hiring. ‘Pre-screening’, ‘Aptitude’, ‘Technical’ & ‘Psychometric’ chatbots comes preloaded as default. However, you can always configure a new chatbot as per your specific need.
No, as of now you cannot post jobs in SCREEBO portal. However, this facility will be coming in future.

Customer Support

Yes, we thrive on customer centricity and are always happy to help our valued customers. All you need to do is to contact us through our ‘Support’ tab option.
SCREEBO is designed as a standalone software which is able to function and deliver results by its own. There is no provision to integrate third party application/software with SCREEBO as of now.
Support covers technical help like creating a new/editing a chatbot. It also provides administrative support like extension in case you have exhausted of your number of JD, payment errors, providing demo etc. Support also covers fixing of any technical glitch like problem in login etc

Payment and Subscription

Payments can be done via online mode only.
Yes, we will send you the invoice within 2 working days on your register email id.
Yes, please get in touch with our sales team. We would be happy to offer special discount.
To renew subscription, kindly raise a request through the “Support” tab. Our sales executive will be in touch with you.
As per the company policy, all payments made by recipient are non-refundable.


We do not charge any money to job seekers. The concept of SCREEBO itself started with the aim to provide a free and biased free platform for job seekers.
We do not provide any guarantee nor warranty for its jobseekers/users getting the job using myscreebo.com.