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Key Features

Pre Screening

Pre screen your vast pool of candidates through our exhaustive and intuitive questionnaire on basic parameters of candidate’s willingness, job relocation availability, education, salary and much more. The output of this is detailed ranking of candidates helping you to process the candidates in sequential manner.


SCREEBO chatbot is well equipped with a timer allowing you to gauge the aptitude of the candidates to further screen them. This way you can filter & choose those candidates who are highly creative, have strong reasoning, good analytical and problem solving skills and are good in communication. This feature can be used even for campus hiring.

Technical & Psychometric

Assess the core & in depth technical skills of the applicants as per the job requirement. Along with this, also analyze the psychological well being of the candidate and find out a good a team player with leadership skills. Soon you will discover that your talent pool is collectively delivering multiple times more than an isolated individual.

Configurable Chatbot

Though we have created an exhaustive questionnaire which will meet the requirements of most of you, we understand that some specific job roles needs to be screened with specific questions. SCREEBO allows you 100% flexibility to configure the chatbot as per your specific requirements that too any number of times.

Save Recruitment Time and Cost

Recruitment activity is a costly affair! SCREEBO helps you save upto 90% of your screening time and upto 70% of your screening cost.

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Allow SCREEBO to do the Hard Work for You

We understand your pain and strain of going through heaps of resumes to find out the eligible and qualified candidates for a job opening. With SCREEBO you can effortlessly automate tedious & time-consuming tasks of screening and find out the most qualified candidates in just one click.

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Intelligent Screening

SCREEBO helps you to screen the candidates on multiple layers of Pre Screening, Aptitude, Technical & psychometric. SCREEBO not only screens candidates but also profiles & rank them! Based on the candidates’ response, they are scored as per the algorithm which is complex, exhaustive and contemporary to the needs of industry which is ever evolving.

Never Loose Out on Opportunity Cost

Many times important deadlines and targets are missed just because the position of person doing important work is vacant for a long time. SCREEBO helps you overcome this situation. Be always ready with a strong talent pipeline.

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Not Everyone’s Favorite is Vanilla

In spite of having one of the best regression questionnaire to drill down the most qualified candidate for you, we provide flexibility to configure your own chatbot questionnaire. No coding skills required! Feels like a creator already?

Resume is Just Not Enough

Get complete candidate profile comprising all the work related information including vital responses during chatbot conversation. All this in just a snapshot!

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