CEO Message

We laid the foundation of SCREEBO – our flagship product with the vision to empower every recruiter and every organization on the planet to build a better workplace. We are leading our clients in their next chapter of transformation to build agile organizations powered by data, guided by AI insight, and able to access affordable cloud solutions. Next, disruptive technologies such as emotion analytics, voice analytics, and the neural network will be widely used in the recruitment process by the recruiters and business leaders to hire the best talent in the organization.

We are always in discussion with prominent leaders, leading industry experts and candidates from across the world, and we envision our strategy to integrate disruptive technologies in the recruitment processes.

Our team of technology experts with vast experience in the field of applied AI is continuously working on solutions to offer a best-in-class technology suite to the business leaders. We hope that our commitment to our customers’ success will result in deeper partnerships, larger, multiyear agreements, and growing momentum across every layer of interaction— from technology to support, to business process, to productivity and collaboration.

Our Vision

“Technology is best when it brings people together”- Matt Mullenweg

We have started our journey with a vision to integrate technology in day to day lives and automate routine work with AI-enabled technology so that people can focus their energy in core and creative areas to realize their full potential. With this, we set our path to bring a high level of automation in the HR tech industry with the help of an AI-enabled suite of end-to-end recruitment process from sourcing to onboarding and from skills development to career growth plan.

Our Story!

Before starting SCREEBO, both Avinash & Niket experienced and shared the pain of every recruiter for doing the same cumbersome process of screening heaps of resumes, calling candidates, and scheduling interviews. Despite of going through this lengthy and burdensome process, they still find it difficult to get the right candidate and land up with increased time to hire, and inability to make data-based hiring decisions.

Avinash being the market research expert in disruptive technologies has gauged the demand for recruitment chatbot for every organization. Being childhood friends they engaged in long discussions and brainstorming about the solution. They both always believed in tackling existing problems with the best technologies available. A technology enthusiast, Avinash came up with various novel ideas involving AI to simplify & automate the hiring process. At an exciting time of digitization and industry 4.0, SCREEBO was born. SCREEBO comes equipped with various tools that provide hiring solutions and aims at automating the recruitment process.

We invite you to experience SCREEBO and join the next big revolution in the recruitment industry. Come, grow with us!